Ways of Giving
    The New Hartford Land Trust, Inc.
    is a qualified conservation
    organization. As such, qualifying
    gifts to the Land Trust may benefit
    you, while benefiting us, in the
    form of a charitable contribution
    deduction for income, gift, or estate
    tax purposes.

    Outright gifts of cash, real property,
    or other property (such as
    securities) to the New Hartford
    Land Trust are greatly appreciated,
    and can help us meet our
    common goal of preserving the
    natural beauty of our Town.

    (This information is provided for general
    educational purposes only, and should
    not be relied upon as specific advice for
    any individual situation. Please consult
    your tax advisor for the tax effects of any
    intended charitable gift.)
Gifts of real property
Conservation Easements
    Gifts of real property, such as
    vacant land, can be made with or
    without restrictions on its use.

    Unrestricted land may be sold by
    us in the future to finance
    acquisition of other parcels of land
    worthy of preservation.
    You can make a gift to the
    Land Trust of a qualified
    conservation interest in your
    property, while retaining the
    “fee interest” in the property.

    For example, you can make a
    gift of your development rights
    in your property, in the form of
    a conservation easement
    (clicking on link will take you to
    the Land Trust Alliance). The
    easement must be “in
    perpetuity” (forever). The Land
    Trust would then have
    enforcement powers (and
    responsibilities) with respect
    to the restrictions you place on
    the use of the property. A
    conservation easement has to
    meet strict requirements under
    the Internal Revenue Code in
    order to be deductible.
Gifts of appreciated property
    Gifts of appreciated property, such
    as real estate or securities, have
    an added benefit in that they are
    tax-deductible (clicking on link will
    take you to the Land Trust
    Alliance) at their value at the time
    of the gift without recognition of
    capital gain, so long as you have
    held them for over one year. Gifts
    can be made for endowment
    purposes, for acquisition
    purposes, or for our general uses
    and purposes. For current
    information about tax incentives,
    click here: Land Trust Alliance
    FAQ: tax Incentives
Gifts taking effect at death
Bargain Sale
    You can provide for a gift of money
    or property to the New Hartford
    Land Trust in your will or under a
    trust agreement, to take effect on
    your death. Gifts taking effect at
    death will not provide an income
    tax benefit, but may provide a
    deduction from estate taxes.
    A bargain sale is part sale,
    part gift. To the extent that you
    sell your land (or a a
    conservation easement our
    land) to the Land Trust for less
    than its fair market value, you
    have made a gift. A bargain
    sale may make it possible to
    preserve property in
    circumstances where the
    landowner cannot afford to part
    with the full value of the
Remainder interest
    A gift of a “remainder interest” in a
    farm or residence will also qualify
    for a charitable deduction. A gift of
    a remainder interest takes effect
    on your death, or the death of
    another person to whom you grant
    a life use. This can be
    accomplished by deed or by trust.
    The amount of your deduction will
    depend on the value of the property
    at the time of the gift and the life
    expectancy of the person who has
    life use of the property.
    Gifts of property in excess of
    $5,000 must be substantiated
    by a qualified appraisal in
    order to qualify for a deduction.
    Any restrictions placed on a gift
    of land will reduce its value.
Gifts of Time
    Gifts of your time are also greatly appreciated. The New Hartford Land Trust
    needs volunteer stewards to help monitor its many properties on a regular
    basis. We also need help with clean-up and maintenance of NHLT
    properties, fund raising activities, and acquisition activities. Please help us
    by putting your most valuable gift—yourself—to work for our common goal!

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